To promote an unprecedented planning initiative to capitalize and sustain new business development and drive a grassroots planning process encompassing a 16-county, three-state region over a 40-year period, while actively preserving the community’s identity and quality of life.


We developed a volunteer-driven, public-private initiative focused on proactively engaging people from across the region to set the course for our shared future and plan a course of action for how to work together to build a brighter future. Using a combination of one-on-one and mass communications, media relations, "town hall" meetings, and digital marketing, citizens from throughout the area have been invited to participate and share ideas to find fiscally responsible solutions to shared challenges in order to build a thriving region.  


After a successful launch of Thrive2055, momentum and participation within communities throughout the Tristate Chattanooga Region grows each day. The program continues to promote the balance between economic development for the citizens of the region while safeguarding the quality of life that makes it such a great place to live.
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