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The measure of a great ad campaign

What makes a great advertising campaign? Smart strategy? Killer creative? Slick production? 

The answer is yes to all the above questions, for certain. But you can have all the right ingredients and still not be certain that your efforts will produce an advertising campaign that delivers successfully for you. You need to be prepared. You need to make sure you have an advertising measurement plan in place just as you have your advertising plan or creative plan in place. 


James Colvin, ndp’s marketing analytics lead, recently held a webinar teaching marketing professionals how to create an advertising measurement plan. His program goes through the five tiers of a measurement plan from identifying the business objective to identifying segments for analysis. He also details the ABC's of marketing measurement: Acquistions, Behavior and Conversions. James also takes users through the process of developing objectives and KPIs for social media efforts. Whether you have a measurement plan in place or considering one, take some time to watch this video and get a better understanding of how to ensure actionable measurement of your advertising and marketing efforts.

Watch Here. 

And, as a bonus, James has created a template and handy “how-to” guide on creating an advertising campaign plan that you can download here for free

If you would like to talk about how you can make your ad campaigns more effective, give us a call at 540-815-2478 or drop us a note at info@ndp.agency. We can get James on the phone with you to talk about how we can help you make your next campaign the measure of success.

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