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TAG: We're It. Why Ad Fraud is Not a Game.

Most all of us played the game, tag, when we were growing up. But the TAG you’re going to read about here is not a game and something that NDP takes very seriously. 

NDP announced recently that we have joined forces with more than thirty other digital advertising participants in the Trustworthy Accountability Group's (TAG) new “Certified Against Fraud” initiative to fight fraudulent digital advertising. Other TAG members include the four largest global ad agency holding companies, as well as major publishers, brand advertisers, and advertising technology firms. 

TAG is a first-of-its-kind, cross-industry accountability program fighting criminal activity across the digital advertising supply chain. TAG works collaboratively with companies like NDP and others in areas critical to the $50 billion digital advertising industry. Digital advertisers lose billions each year to criminal activity in the areas where TAG focuses. A recent study by the International Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Ernst & Young estimated that $8.2 billion can be saved each year if the digital advertising industry works together to eradicate corruption across the supply chain. 

The mission of the Certified Against Fraud Program is to combat fraudulent, nonhuman traffic in digital advertising buys to ensure clients’ budgets are working effectively. In order to provide guidance for fighting fraud effectively, the TAG Anti-Fraud Working Group developed “Certified Against Fraud” Guidelines as well as a suite of tools to aid in compliance with those guidelines. Companies that follow and practice the guidelines receive the “Certified Against Fraud” Seal, which represents the industry’s trust in their commitment to combating fraud in digital advertising. Similar to Good Housekeeping’s seal, the TAG seal signifies the best digital advertising partners due to their compliance with industry best practices. 

According to Brent Morris, vice president of media services at NDP, “I’m proud that our agency has been awarded the TAG Certification. We’re excited to offer this benefit to our clients and to promote TAG in the marketplace. TAG_Fraud_Seal.pngFor us, it is very important to champion the perspective of independent, regional agencies like NDP, which has offices in Richmond, Norfolk and Roanoke, Virginia, and Chattanooga, Tennessee.” 

“We are very pleased that NDP is participating in the ‘Certified Against Fraud’ program,” said TAG CEO Mike Zaneis. “Only by working together as an industry can we tackle endemic problems like fraud and cut off the flow of money to the criminals who profit from it. We hope that other independent agencies will join NDP in advancing this vital effort.” 

For more information on digital ad fraud or how ndp works to protect our clients against ad fraud, reach out to us at info@ndp.agency. For more information on the TAG program, please visit http://www.tagtoday.net

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