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My Organ Donation Journey - Chapter 9

It’s only one day

I received a message from the Hume-Lee Transplant Center asking if I would I mind delaying my surgery from July 9 to July 10. Apparently, the date scheduled for my surgery is the optimum timing for a patient who will be receiving a kidney.

Would I mind waiting?  Heck no. After all, it’s only one day.

But then I started thinking about a single day in the life of a person who needs a kidney. For the sake of imagining, let’s name him Henry.

There is a good chance that half of Henry’s day is consumed sitting in a dialysis unit. Perhaps throughout the day he ponders—and bears the burden—of knowing that someone else has to die for an organ to become available so he can live.  I’ll bet that at least once during the day he thinks about dying—of all the opportunities that will be missed and the impact on his family.

I can’t even image what it would be like to spend a single day in Henry’s shoes.

So am I willing to give up one day? You bet I am.

And I’m willing to give up my spare kidney so that single day just might turn into many years for Henry.

If you have even a few minutes to spare—and you’ve considered being a living donor—I’ll be happy to talk with you. Contact me at sdubuque@ndp.agency.

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