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Driving Consumer Behavior Changes in Healthcare

Like many hospital systems today, MidMichigan Health is moving towards the future where population health management is the goal. MidMichigan Health is located in Midland, MI, and has a valuable relationship and partner in the University of Michigan Health System to bring world-class expertise to the local market. As the health system’s goals evolved, MidMichigan sought to become the primary resource for health and wellness information in the greater Midland area extending its mission to get people well and keep them healthy. Getting consumers in the area to take action on these goals required careful planning and a very engaging program. Here’s how they did it. 

MidMichigan developed a partnership with Medicom Health Interactive to promote online health care assessments. The NDP team made the online registration process more engaging and user friendly with a redesigned interface for the assessments and put together the plan, recommending the best way to promote the assessments.MidMichigan_Banner.jpg

NDP created and produced an integrated advertising campaign specifically to drive traffic to the assessments pages which were featured on the MidMichigan website. According to Executive Creative Director, Jimmy Ashworth, “The overall message for the campaign was to tell consumers to not waste their time searching the Web for causes of symptoms that someone may be experiencing, but rather go to MidMichigan.org where you can quickly assess your heart, breast, lungs or joints to determine if you need to see a physician.”

We developed television and radio spots, a campaign landing page and online display advertising. The MidMichigan in-house team handled social media, email, point of care and other media. 

Prior to launching the campaign, NDP recommended primary research for MidMichigan to gain a baseline of perceptions towards the health system as a community leader in providing information and resources to help people live more healthy lifestyles. This study proved instrumental in measuring the at-risk population and, further, the success of MidMichigan’s efforts to drive more volume for the health screenings.    

As the campaign was being developed, MidMichigan and NDP set a goal of completing a total of 1,000 health assessments after 8 weeks of advertising with a 25 percent completion rate. After the initial 8 week advertising run, MidMichigan had more than 3,900 visitors start a health assessment. Of these visitors, approximately 1,300  - 33% of those who started - completed the assessment in its entirety. MidMichigan additionally overachieved their goal of 1000 completions by 33%. Due to the quick success of the initial campaign, the advertising and assessment program was extended an additional three months. At the end of its four-month run, MidMichigan had more than 7,300 visitors start an assessment. Of these visitors, 2,265 participants (31%) completed the assessment in its entirety.  

More than one-half (58%) of the respondents who said they were aware of any providers that had communicated an offer for free health assessments named MidMichigan Health as the health system making the offer. 

Further, the NDP-created, “Dr. Internet”, television commercial won a bronze Telly in the 36th annual Telly Awards for the local TV and cable hospital category.

Watch the commercial here. 

So, what does it take to drive change? Dr_Internet_Image.jpg

  1. A clear understanding of your vision and goals and the knowledge that they are achievable. In the case of MidMichigan, their goals were clear. They wanted to become a primary source of health knowledge and they knew they could achieve that through a program of health assessments.
  2. Understanding your audience. For MidMichigan, the NDP team’s insight was that the Internet does not substitute for the doctors you know and trust. The team knew that the MidMichigan audience would respond well to such insight. Further, research conducted gave the team a better understanding of the marketplace.
  3. A compelling offer with little associated risk. The MidMichigan offer was simple, you’re already going online to search, conduct a more thorough assessment at MidMichigan.org and have the information delivered by someone you trust. There is little downside.

For more information on driving behavior change, contact us at info@ndp.agency


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