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Continue to shift perceptions of University Health System from that of a “public, indigent care” hospital to focus on their core strength – an academic teaching hospital that, through its quest for knowledge, lifts the quality of care for patients both within its system and beyond. The new campaign must continue to educate consumers that UHS is always seeking and sharing new knowledge that inspires and empowers consumers to improve their health.


Knowledge is power and our knowledge gives you more power. More power to live your life.

Using consumer research, ndp determined that consumers viewed “Thinking Beyond” as bettering their lives and enabling them to reach their highest potential. Grounding this new campaign in patient stories, the campaign focused on how UHS has helped patients achieve their own "beyond." It's not just about being healed  – it’s meeting a grandchild for the first time, the opportunity to save another life, or getting a second chance at every day.

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