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Market Development Manager

Wanderluster. Once lived in Australia. Traveled to 39 states during a 2 month cross country trip. Happiest outside: wakesurfing, boating, hiking, swimming or wherever else the adventure leads.

Alina Karabaich

Senior Copywriter

I once slow-danced with a stuffed turtle in front of an entire cruise ship just to impress my niece. So, it’s not surprising I’ve been called confident, courageous and my niece’s second favorite aunt.

Amy Baril

Media Director

Passionate about connecting with people, to understand what makes them tick. Music lover from Beastie Boys to Handel. Traveled to seven countries.



Amy Morgan

Digital Media Specialist

Loves dogs, people, cooking, movies, random adventures and all things Fall.  Enjoys the little things in life and laughs as often as possible.

Amy Smith

Account Executive

Он(а) любил(а) три вещи на свете:
За вечерней пенье, белых павлинов
И стертые карты Америки. -Ахматова


Digital Media Specialist

Swipes right for the beach, kitties, pad thai, skiing, Roanoke College, traveling and outdoor concerts. Swipes left for uncomfortable shoes, the word “moist” and sappy movies.

Ashley Garner

Accounting Specialist

I believe there is always room for improvement. When not crunching numbers, you can find me on the ball field (playing or watching) or doing DIY projects.


Becky McIntyre

Senior Media Buyer

Believe great ads can be inspirational and aspirational. Remember? Just do it. Be all you can be. Good to the last drop. You deserve a break today. Melts in your mouth, not in your hand...

Ben Cochran

Graphic Designer

Likes: dogs, zines, and home improvement shows
Dislikes: actual home improvement

Betsy Fodor

Accounting & Human Resources Manager

Married with 2 teenagers and cat (could explain my occasional insanity!) Love Michigan & Redskins Football, my toes in the sand, a good book and red wine (not necessarily in that order).

Brent Morris

Vice President of Media Services

Media preferences…NPR, MSNBC, CNN, MediaPost, Pandora, Netflix, Bravo, NYTimes.com, Rolling Stone


Marketing Analyst

Nerd. Adventurer. Traveler.

Casey Tracy

Assistant Account Executive

San Diego transplant / Home renovator / Food explorer / Experience collector


Digital Media Supervisor

Always learning. Always growing. Always improving. Challenge the status quo and don’t settle for less than the best. Vinyl lover, cooking fanatic, DIY-er extreme with a little spice and sass all mixed in.

Chelsea Smith

Junior Integrated Producer

Realist. Pledged to House Stark. Lover of pasta, kittens, and cold weather. Prefer dramas to comedies, fiction to nonfiction, wine to beer, and all things Harry Potter.

Chereen Baramki

Associate Creative Director

I can handle just about anything, but if I ever have to design another Microsoft template, I'll probably cry.

Cindi Houtz

Associate Media Director

Beach girl at heart.  Eternal optimist.  Always learning and growing.  The best things in life are family, friends and the memories we've made!

Dalton Byerly

Graphic Designer

So chill.

Danny Fell

President and CEO

Thinks marketing is one-part science and several parts art (with some math thrown in to make things interesting). Once held dual citizenship in Japan. Known to be allergic to Silly Putty.

Dawn Sallas

Digital Designer

Digital desigNerd, mom, born and bred who dat fan, and a loyal razorback 4life!

Denise Goff

Senior Media Buyer

I love working with my hands. Anything from cross stitch to sewing curtains to landscaping the yard. I like painting, too, but only the wall kind, not the kind you put on an easel!

Denise Rushing

Vice President of Account Management

I need to be myself. I can be no-one else. I’m feeling supersonic. - Oasis

Denise Wilkerson

Doodle Ambassador

“A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives roses.” - Chinese proverb
Love people.....most of all, my husband, family, friends and animals. It’s what makes me tick.....that and a glass of chardonnay near the river or ocean with plenty of sunshine.

Emily Jackson

Account Supervisor

Emily's bio, from her 6-year-old nephew: He says, “Emmy is pretty, nice, awesome and funny.” It’s possible he meant, “pretty nice” but that’s up to interpretation.

Greg Zuercher

Account Supervisor

I don’t know of anything more powerful than the positive impact of a smile. Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine!

Ha Koehler

Account Supervisor

The youngest of five siblings - my parents saved the best for last! Short as it is, my name means red sky after the rain in Chinese. As the mother of two (and a half), I play many roles including teacher, activity coordinator, chauffeur, cook and nurse, but I draw the ...

Heather Felton

Media Coordinator

I have a 13-year-old K9 son, named JC, who is arguably the worst security dog ever. He may sleep on the job but I still love him.

Heather Turton

Senior Media Buyer

Adores: Richmond, family, golden retrievers, renovation design, cooking, bubbly, dresses, reading, chinoiserie & treillage.

JP LaFors

Vice President, Account Planning

  • Excited to work across the street from Buz & Ned's Real Barbeque
  • Has been to 48 states (any reason to visit the Dakotas?)
  • Loves to ski and play tennis, and yes, Roger Federer is the best of all time

James Colvin

Marketing Analytics Lead

James loves all the geeky pursuits you would expect of someone who spends his days deep in marketing analytics. He also really loves his corgi and his wife; not necessarily in that order.

Jason Anderson

Creative Director

Sometimes bearded. More often not. Currently seeking legendary status and/or world domination.

Jimmy Ashworth

Executive Creative Director

Do something that scares you today. It will make you feel alive. If you love what you do, it isn’t work.

Jonathan Ariail

Junior Integrated Producer

Husband. Georgia grad. Slowpitch softball weekend warrior. Lover of Georgia football, Kings of Leon, good whiskey, and my dog.

Ken Wayland

Executive Vice President

  • Once had a hole in one.
  • Owns a 1969 Triumph TR6 (which is why he’s never taught his daughters how to drive stick).
  • Loves to cycle but refuses to wear Lycra


Senior Account Executive

“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” - Abraham Lincoln



Really great at the Savasana yoga pose, really bad at parking straight. I’ve got strong opinions on mullets, blank walls, and Adele. Favorite words: obsequious, juxtaposition, quintessential

Kelsi Bell

Account Executive

Current goals: Bike to the troll capital of the world / Learn to ice fish / Eat all the cheese curds / See the Canadian northern lights / Dog sled

Kim Keate

Account Planner

Ride hard. Shoot Straight.

Lindsey Durfee

Account Executive

Delights in tacos and craft beer. Travels at times. Uses gym equipment. Excels at 2D video games. Takes trivia too seriously. Has aversions to heights, slow walkers and crop tops. Will always love hashtags.

MacKenzie Spicer

Account Executive

Show dog owner, aspiring wine connoisseur, and fitness guru...
In my dreams.
Just a dog mom to a goofy Springer Spaniel and a lover of vino who enjoys being outdoors and good cycle class.

Matt Lawrence

Resource and Process Manager

Always on point - even when visiting India. Organized - but creative. Certified DIYer - via YouTube. Dirt digger - yard mower. Loves InDesign - but also Excel. Do everything with excellence - or not at all

Michele Brooks

Senior Media Buyer

Favorite Day: Sitting by the ocean’s edge with my toes in the sand and a good book in my hand.
Favorite Night: Dining out with my husband and friends. Enjoying great food, gin and tonics and lots of laughter!

Michelle Ward

Vice President of Finance

Waste, whether it’s wasted time, wasted money or wasted effort, is Michelle's nemesis. Her feet in the sand, sun on her shoulders and a book of fiction restore her soul and sanity.

Mitchell Jordan

Design Studio Lead

Part-time Ad guy. Full-time daredevil.

Mo Davis

Senior Art Director

I love food. I love to buy food. I love to cook food.
Even better, I love to eat food. And eat. And eat. And eat.

Pam Moon

Associate Integrated Producer

Spending time at Lake Gaston, binge watching good Netflix originals, snorkeling with sting rays in Cayman and also zip line in the mountains. A good book, miniature golf, biking at the beach.


Junior Integrated Producer

“To be is to do.” - Socrates

“To do is to be.” - Jean-Paul Sartre
“Do be do be do.” - Frank Sinatra.

Roger Neathawk


Think deeply, speak gently, love much, laugh often, give freely, pray earnestly, act justly, be kind, work hard and have fun.

Rachel Gregory

Media Coordinator

President of Richmond Ad Club, traveling the US and beyond, kickball, happy hours, brunch, biking around RVA.

Sarah Sheldon

Senior Digital Producer

Work smart, not hard. 

Sarah Smith

Senior Media Buyer

Happy place: on the beach in Mexico
Stress relief: marathons, triathlons and duathlons
Best daily medicine: HUGS! 

Sean Cloney

Front End Developer

“You can’t find the right roads when the streets are paved” –Bob Marley

Shaun Amanda Herrmann

Senior Account Executive

VCU Ram. State Fair winner. Nothing quite like the sound of rain on a tent. YES: kick-ass campaign results. YUCK: canned spinach. Mosquitoes. Messages with no purpose. 

Stefanie Brown

Strategic Communications Account Executive

Mom. Music. Outdoors. Love. Wine. Shenanigans. Friends. Family. Laughter.

Susan Dubuque


Running – the longer the better / Traveling to China, Egypt, Peru, Australia, Italy and Panama / Playing with Tyler Too
Volunteering for my favorite charities

Tammy Harris

Media Director

Any chance I get I am on our boat enjoying the lake. If I am stuck inside you will find me reading mysteries or watching crime shows.

Thomas Becher

Senior Vice President

Dad. Strategic communicator. Crisis manager. Aviation buff. Former journalist. 50-state-and-6-continent world traveler. Hiker. Kayaker. Hockey fan. German speaker.

Todd Foutz

Executive Vice President

Eternal optimist, happiness sharer / the guy who talks to strangers in crowded elevators / curious, ambitious, respects “old school,” always learning, planning, dreaming

Todd Williams

Art Director

  • Loves Hockey and plays hockey - Go CAPS
  • Loves hanging with the family
  • big on family traditions
  • I play too much Call of Duty

Tom Smigielski

Account Supervisor

Serious with a fun, sarcastic and wacky side.
New England native, yet world’s worst sports fan.
Speaks Polish fluently – Cześć! Mam na imię Tomek.

Tresha Carroll

Production Resource Manager

Proud mom of 2 great kids and 3 troublemaking cats. Loves summer, the ocean, and Tarheel basketball. Out of town most weekends, keeping the stat book for my son’s baseball team. Go HEAT!