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Nothing Can Stop Us: NDP has a brand new brand

Today we are excited to announce a new brand for our agency. Neathawk Dubuque & Packett, or ND&P, is now simply, NDP. We’re proud of this evolution and it's another phase in our 30-year history of success. We are proud of who we are and the difference we make for our clients. And, most importantly, we believe in the power of creativity to make a positive difference in the world.

 has been through a great deal of change in the past couple years in a concerted effort to make our agency more creatively driven and more competitive in our industry. Our new brand reflects the passion of our associates who told us they were proud of the work they do, proud of each other and proud of the company. And they told us they wanted to make a difference through their work for clients and in the industry.

We are in the business of creativity so it only makes sense that it drives everything we do. Creativity comes in many forms from ads to marketing recommendations to media plans to strategic communications solutions. We believe in the power of creativity to make a difference.

Like any rebrand that we would do for clients, this isn’t about a new logo. It’s a lot more than that.

This is about our future. About defining who we are.

What we believe in. What we expect from each other.

What we stand for.

We believe in the power of creativity to change the world around us. 

We believe in making a difference.

We are not just another ad agency. We are different because we choose to be different.

It’s why we’re all here. To have fun doing the hard, extremely rewarding, creative work that makes a difference.

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