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My Organ Donation Journey - Chapter 11

Today is “match day”

Traditionally, match day refers to the day that medical students learn where they have been “matched” for a residency or fellowship.  

In my case, it refers to the day my kidney recipient was identified. I don’t know a single thing about this person—name, gender, age, ethnicity, where they live, if they are married or have children. My imagination is running wild.

I can also imagine what my recipient’s life is like. Spending three or four days a week in a dialysis unit. Waiting for another person to die so a kidney becomes available.  Measuring longevity in months rather than years. 

Now, multiple that scenario by 100,000 patients—plus all their loved ones. That’s more than I can get my head around. After all, I am just one person.

But wait. I may be just one person, but I have two kidneys. And one happens to be a spare.

And now I have one recipient. I have a match. And from this day forward—whether we ever meet or not—we will be connected in a profound way.


If you are inspired to help one person—and you happen to have one kidney to spare—let me know. Send me an email at sdubuque@ndp.agency. Maybe there is a match out there for you too.





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