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Creative Q & A With Roger Neathawk And Susan Dubuque

Originally published in Richmond BizSense.

"When the staff at ndp found out their agency’s founders had been named Ad Persons of the Year by the Richmond Ad Club, they had life-size cutouts made up of the duo that, for the first time in their 32-year partnership, put Susan Dubuque and Roger Neathawk at the same height.

“She’s finally as tall as I am,” Neathawk said of his more-petite partner’s picture. Looking over his own likeness, he added: “I think, actually, I’m not as tall as I really am.”

The occasion wasn’t by far the first time the pair has seen eye to eye. Three decades in the business is a testament to the firm, and after 32 years working together, the pair still laughs a lot, finishing each other’s sentences."

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