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This title is one that I borrowed from a talk I gave last year at a marketing conference. And I can’t even take credit for writing it. But it perfectly sums up my thoughts on life and work these days.

Change is inevitable. It is about the only think we can truly count on. It’s present in everything we do—from the styles we chose to wear, to the tools we use to communicate, to the very words we use in our everyday lexicon. Change is ever present.

Change is stressful. According to the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale even positive change – like getting married or having a baby – can be inherently anxiety provoking.

Change is what we do. Hey, wait a minute. What does that mean? Why would we intentionally create a state of stress and anxiety for ourselves and those around us?

The answer: Because that is our job. That’s what advertising is intended to do. It is a force for change. Just think about it for a minute.

There has never been – and never will be – a successful advertising or marketing campaign that doesn’t involve creating change. Consider this: Try to think of a single ad that isn’t designed to change how someone thinks, feels or acts. Name one. Bet you can’t.

Ads by their very nature are designed to produce a reaction – a change -- of some form or fashion.

Let’s say you are trying to build awareness. In essence, you are attempting to change how your target audience thinks about your brand.

Or, perhaps you are trying to build preference or make the short list for consideration. Well, that’s basically changing how a prospect feels about you.

Finally, if you’re aiming for a direct response, you are enticing someone to change how they act. That may mean you want them to buy your product, or in today’s healthcare world, it may mean you want them to change their behavior and make better lifestyle choices.

So, no matter how many yoga classes you take, or how many hours you meditate, if you work in the field of advertising, change will be the manta you live – and work – by.

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