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A Generation of healthy changes

There is so much attention put towards moms as the most important audience for healthcare organizations and, without mincing words, she IS our most important consumer. But she is not the only consumer. I had the privilege of moderating a panel discussion recently at the Virginia Chamber of Commerce 2016 Health Care Conference in Richmond, Virginia. The theme of the conference was about consumerism and technology and my panel focused on the generational changes in healthcare. One of the big topics for discussion amongst the panelists was the millennial generation and how they are shaping changes in healthcare.


Millennials, in general, see a sick healthcare system and they want a healthy one. According to Communispace, 37% of millennials rate the current condition of US healthcare as "poor" or "terrible". And millennials are changing the way healthcare is delivered and accessed through greater use of apps and stronger voice in their healthcare decisions. More millennials prefer use of telehealth, for example, than any other generation and healthcare systems are developing new analytics models to help identify patients who may become disengaged.


Millennials are an instant gratification generation and they approach healthcare with different expectations than previous generations from their on-demand mentality to instant communication with providers to comparison and price shopping to much broader access to healthcare information.


For more information on how millennials are impacting healthcare today, we have put together a compendium of research and key facts you can download for free. Use this to help shape your generational strategies in the coming year. Click the button below to receive your copy. 

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